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Backlinking has proven to be one of the most successful strategies in the digital industry. When a relevant website publishes your content you receive traffic to your page. helps you find the relevant links and help them to send them emails directly from one tool.

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How does work?

Write the domain you want to analyze. In just one click Meerkat will show you a full list of domains pointing to the website you are interested in.

This will help you to find their emails and you will be able to write them an email and ask to index you on their website as well.

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Looking for competitors backlinks can help you understand where your competitor is getting most of his leads.

Some of the links will be happy to point to your website. If you ask nicely or as an exchange of some links or to use your product for free they may add you in the link as well.

Parallel products

Understanding where your target market will be will help you to add more value. Just contact companies who are generating traffic for parallel products or services. Exchange links and posts.

Your own domain

Some people will write about you and sometimes, you want to check if this is being done correctly. With you can do it easily.

Find broken Links

Sometimes a web has incorrect backlinks or is pointing to the wrong URL. With you can send them an email and help each other improve your reputation.

Write Content

First give value to their community and they will be super happy to give you backlinks. Make it real and honest . Do never share the same piece of content twice.

Create Guides

Guides is a good way to make a group of similar domains and can help users to chose for a similar product

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